Free Dialysis Centers by government

 andhrapradesh | Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Thu, Sep 07, 2017, 04:58 PM

Free governmental dialysis centers in the state helps the poor,Patients treated with valuable medical services are provided by 34 free dialysis centers run by government hospitals

At least 800 to 900 kidney patients are treated by dialysis (blood-purifying) across the state.

Each patient needs to have at least eight to ten times a month according to his needs. 

These centers provide the necessary modern equipment and staff with appropriate qualifications.

Dialysis through these centers in the fifth stage of patients suffering from kidney diseases following the nephrologist.Similarly, patients are provided free medicines from the government.

The government is giving pension to those who are doing dialysis in government centers.

Since 2009, the state government has established centers in Guntur, Tirupati, Kakinada, KGH Vizag, GGH Kurnool, GGH Anantapur, Kadapa, Nellore, Ongole, Srikakulam, Vijayawada, Rims Vizag, Vizianagaram, Elur and Tekkali. These include 259 beds together.